"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

- Source Unknown


Hello! I'm Emberley. I am a long-time quilter, fabric enthusiast and lover of all things quilting related. Growing up in semi-rural Oregon, I first learned to sew in 4-H in the 8th grade. Back then, I didn't really take to and didn't keep up with it. A bit later in my life a few good friends helped me to get back into sewing by encouraging me to make my first small quilts. It wasn’t long and I was completely hooked.

After a successful 15 year career as an engineer, I have been fortunate to be able to turn my passion for quilting into a business. I have traded in complex calculations and long meetings for days spent designing new patterns and working in front of my sewing or quilting machine. My inner-engineer loves how quilting brings together creativity and precision. And let's face it - I'm really a fabric junkie at heart. My husband tells me that I don't so much like to sew & quilt but rather just like to collect fabric. Who doesn't!?!

My most recent addition to my quilting toolkit is an Innova 22” longarm quilting machine. I am loving getting to add customization and personal flourish to my quilt tops.

I would love to collaborate with you to turn your ideas into a quilt reality. I welcome you to please inquire about commissioning your own project.